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Verify email addresses cheaply and easily with Validzilla to have success with your business email campaigns and not get in trouble with your email service provider!

Beta version launching in Spring 2020.

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Poor deliverability hurts your business

Whether you are gathering your own leads or buying them, you have to make sure they're legit before you hit send.

Verify your lists

Email lists always contain incorrect addresses. Sending emails to them anyway will hurt your deliverability and then none of your emails will get to the right people.

Keep your domain and email reputation clean by verifying your lists before sending campaigns.

See better deliverability & results

If you're trying cold email marketing, or just sending emails to new signups, you'll have much better results if you verify addresses before you send emails to them.

Low pricing

Most email list verification services charge way more than needed to verify addresses. We don't.

Roll over credits

You paid for the credits, so you own them. Unused credits will roll over to the next month.

Easy to use

Upload a CSV with all your list details, run the verification process, then download a CSV with all your details and the status of the address.

Stay out of trouble

Don't get flagged as a spammer and don't make servers mad by trying to email non-existent and trap  addresses.

Plans & Pricing

Planned pricing after Validzilla launches in Spring 2020


$19 /month
10,000 Verifications


$49 /month
50,000 Verifications


$149 /month
200,000 Verifications


$499 /month
1,000,000 Verifications

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