Stuart, Head of Marketing

Stuart was inspired to build Validzilla after using other email list verification services himself when doing marketing for other startups and businesses. Curious how those services worked, he researched the methods and thought he could perhaps build and market a service better than the other guys.

His background includes a degree in Information Science, founding and growing a screen printing business from scratch to $2M+ in lifetime revenue, and several startups, some of which failed and some of which led to small acquisitions. His passions include growth marketing, business models, good food and his family.

Lucas, Head of Development

Lucas has built startups for years and worked with different clients internationally. He's responsible for all the development for Validzilla and oversees all the technical workings of the email verification.

He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in software development. When he's not coding, he loves to travel and exercise.

Why are we building this?

"Eating your own dogfood" is a phrase in the Startup world, and it means building something you use yourself. Stuart has been doing marketing, and specifically email marketing, for his screen printing business and some startups off and on for years.

Seeing the important of email verification and then seeing how unnecessarily expensive some options in the market were, he wanted to launch his own service and come in at a more affordable price point, and just build a better service for others. So we've launched Validzilla.
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