Verify your email lists before starting campaigns

Every email you send to a bad email address hurts your deliverability and harms your sender reputation.
Your business can't afford to end up flagged as a spammer when you're just trying to do email marketing, so take the time to verify your prospects before you start emailing them.
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What Validzilla Can Do For You

Want to get into more inboxes?

Better email marketing results

Cold email marketing is all about getting your message actually seen by your targets. Sending email to the right people is key, and sending email to inboxes that no longer exist or never existed doesn't help you one bit.
Remove the dud email addresses and anything that's questionable before you send your campaigns. Stop wasting time sending emails that can never go anywhere.
  • Higher open rates
  • Higher reply rates
  • Higher response rates
  • More new conversations
Scared of getting flagged as a spammer?

Maintain your sender reputation

Cold email marketing is effective and also totally legal when done correctly. You aren't a spammer, but it's right to be concerned that you could be marked as one, and see your deliverability for all your email campaigns plummet.
Email service providers watch for companies sending emails to addresses that don't really exist, and will be quick to penalize you if you overdo it. That's why you need to verify addresses before starting your campaigns.

Verify for other marketing efforts

Gathering prospect info for other types of marketing campaigns, like for creating paid ad audiences? By cleaning up your lists before setting up those audiences, you feed less junk to the algorithms and lower your risk of causing any issues with the platform.
  • Facebook saved audiences
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Pre-filled retargeting audiences

What's different about Validzilla?

Easy to verify

Simply upload a CSV of your prospects, have our service verify the addresses by checking with SMTP and MX servers, and then download a CSV of your results, with addresses marked as valid, invalid, allow all, etc.
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Email verification doesn't have to cost a fortune. Other services way over charge, which was part of the inspiration for us starting our own service. Less than a fifth of a penny per verification, even on our smallest plan.
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Rollover credits

Some other services expire your credits monthly, but we let you rollover your credits. Don't need to do a lot of verification this month? No problem, use those credits in the future.

Earn free credits

Inivite your friends or share your referral link to earn free credits to verify more email addresses.

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